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About Us

Lynne Hartman is the owner of Transportation Compliance Centre and has worked exclusively in the transportation industry since 1981. With 20+ years as a certified Third Party Auditor for Alberta Transportation, you can be confident you’re hiring someone with the knowledge, training and expertise to get you on the road to being and staying compliant with the transportation legislation which affects your operation.
Our focus is National Safety Code compliance and ensuring your drivers get home safely after each trip. Being a safety conscious and compliant carrier reduces the cost of accidents, expensive downtime and eliminates costly fines and penalties.

Mission Statement

In partnership with carriers we make the non-compliant compliant. Safety is not just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do.


Transportation Compliance Centre is a company dedicated to providing the very best services and education to employers and owner-operators nationwide that need to be in compliance with transportation legislation and regulations.

Remote Audits & Reviews!

To assist you during these times, Alberta Transportation has exercised flexibility to support the trucking industry.

Until further notice, we continue to conduct NSC Audits, New Carrier Compliance Reviews as well as Verifications remotely.

Questions??  Call us at 403.620.1614 or email lynne@transportationcompliance.com


National Safety Code (NSC) Audits are a fundamental tool used by Alberta Transportation to measure a carrier’s compliance.  Whether you require an audit due to a request from Alberta Transportation or you just want to establish an internal baseline for compliance, we have over 20 years of experience as a Certified Third Party Auditor conducting NSC Audits.  Alberta Transportation’s audit tool, Assessment of Regulatory Compliance (ARC) reviews the critical areas of your operation, identifies gaps and issues and provides you with a score.  Follow-up consulting within Alberta Transportations protocol is available to improve your compliance score and on road safety.

We are also available to conduct Verification Audits which are conducted to verify the correction actions you have taken as a result of a previous ARC Audit.

Carrier Compliance Reviews

Carriers who have gone through the process of obtaining a Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC) since March 2019 are required to have a Carrier Compliance Review (CCR) conducted within 9 to 12 months of being issued their Safety Fitness Certificate.  The CCR must be conducted by a certified Third Party Auditor.  Failure to have the Compliance Review conducted within the time frames issued by Alberta Transportation will result in your SFC being suspended until the compliance review is completed.


Why would I want an audit?

A “For Your Eyes Only” NSC audit can help prevent accidents, reduce your exposure to fines and violations and ensure you pass an actual audit.  Knowing where you stand compliance wise reduces stress for workers and increases morale and productivity by ensuring employees know exactly what they need to do to remain safe and pass an audit at any time.

Driver files – we are available to assist you with your driver qualification file management.   Regulations require a carrier to maintain current and accurate files which must be updated annually.

Vehicle files – we are available to assist you with the set up and maintenance of your vehicle’s files.  Having compliant files provides documented evidence you are following your written maintenance program and proves your due diligence.

Safety and maintenance programs – we’ll work with you to develop and implement a written safety and maintenance program which meets legislative requirements.  (Note:  this is different from an OH&S Policy which addresses different legislation).

Recall systems – monitoring and notification of expiry dates of training documents and upcoming expiring documents.  We’ll design a customized reminder system for you to ensure your records are always current and up to date.

HOS / Log Book Auditing

If you are a Federal carrier, the applicable HOS regulation requires you to monitor your drivers HOS records.  A pro-active and safety conscious carrier audits records to ensure their drivers are always in compliance and to anticipate any training needs.  Accurate and complete log auditing is critical for identifying falsification and avoiding costly fines and driver down time.  However, log auditing is a labor intensive and time-consuming process.  Outsourcing your log auditing program saves you time and money and keeps you doing what you do best – moving freight. 

With the advent of ELD’s, it has become even more critical to ensure drivers are logging all their on-duty time as required.  Monitoring their records and providing supporting documentation to verify their accuracy helps prevent fatigue, collisions and costly fines or roadside downtime.

Transportation Safety Professional Workshops:

This interactive workshop discusses the practical application of the National Safety Code (NSC) standards for achieving full compliance and attaining exemplary on-road safety results.  During the workshop, attendees will participate in hands-on exercises and discussions related to the responsibilities of safety officers and the management team.  Participants will leave fully knowledgeable in the application of the NSC standards and applicable regulations and understand how to develop, implement and maintain successful safety and maintenance programs.

Next Workshop

FALL 2020

Understanding the...

  • National Safety Code standards and their practical application in Alberta to commercial bus and truck companies;
  • Roles and responsibilities of commercial carrier owners, management, and safety officers;
  • Methodology of NSC record keeping which allows daily evaluations of vehicle and driver readiness for work.

Apply the philosophy and values of...

  • Selecting and employing a transportation safety officer;
  • Fostering a positive culture of safety to achieve objectives established;
  • A professional commercial driver;
  • Monitoring and assessing competency of drivers, management and other staff within a highway transportation organization;
  • Taking remedial actions to address compliance and safety issues.

Learning how to effectively...

  • Develop and implement effective safety and maintenance programs which address the specific transportation operations conducted by the commercial carrier;
  • Evaluate a driver for competency;
  • Assess preventability of collisions and how to apply the knowledge gained to prevent recurrence;
  • Define collision preventability vs. fault vs. liability.

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